How to make beautiful backlight for your TV?

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How to make beautiful backlight for your TV?

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Usually, we will buy a dedicated USB interface light strip, use the USB port of the TV self to power the light strip, that is very convenient. However, in recent years, with the increase of LED TV screens, this solution has encountered problems.
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At present, the size of TVs in the living room is generally 55 inches or more, usually 60 inches to 75 inches, or even 100 inches, so the main problem of USB-powered light strips appears: USB power supply is insufficient. The USB2.0 interface can provide a maximum output current of 0.5A, so the output power is up to 2.5W. The upgraded USB3.0 interface can output 1A current, and the maximum output power is 5W.
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Take the SMD 5050 light strip as an example. Even if the number of beads per meter is reduced to 8 (the standard 5050 strip has 60 bulbs per meter, the standard power consumption is 14W), the power consumption is still greater than 1W  while only provide very general brightness. The USB backlight strip for the 40-inch TV is 6.56 feet (2M) long and consumes about 2.5W. However, how to do TVs above 60 inches?According to the support of most TVs, the maximum length of USB light strips is 9.8 feet in the market, it's designed power consumption does not exceed 3W. But how about more than 70 inches, it is indeed inappropriate.

So, how to make a backlight for TVs more than 70 inches, or achieve a brighter backlight effect?

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